Are you planning to move into a new home but need to make a detailed plan on how to move your musical instrument such as the piano? Or is your residential property being remodeled or renovated and you need to move your grand piano temporarily? There are a lot of good reasons as to why someone may need to have their musical instrument moved. Nevertheless, the complexity of the moving process can only be determined by the kind of piano you possess.

When moving, it is usually recommended to hire a professional and experienced piano moving service especially when you’re dealing with huge specialty pieces such as grand pianos. Initially, when you’re talking about the details of the moving process with your moving contractors, the first thing they always want to know is what type of piano do you have.

Piano Moving Strategies by Type

It all depends on the kind of piano you possess. There are a lot of various piano moving strategies on how you handle each piano. The following are just few differences between the manner of moving a grand piano compared to the manner of moving an upright piano:

This can also determine the degree of difficulty of the process and the tools as well as the amount of manpower they may need in order to finish the move efficiently and safely. Each situation and piano needs correct moving techniques. People will typically either have a grand piano or an upright/console piano.

Moving an Upright Piano

The average width of a typical upright piano is about five feet and often 45 to 50 inches in height. Specific dimensions of the upright piano can be taken when considering the plan for moving the musical instrument and the layout of the space.

Fortunately, upright pianos often have piano casters (wheels), usually more box-like in shape, typically smaller and are simpler to move compared to the grand piano. Having said that, unless you are totally comfortable with your moving techniques, you might still want to consult with a piano moving professional.

While professional and expert moving service providers would come equipped to handle either an upright piano or a grand piano, upright ones tend to be much easier to maneuver and manipulate through a house and then, into the moving truck. In addition to that, it also depends on the design of the house, and how many levels, landings or stairs that your house has. This plays a very important role on the whole piano moving process.

Moving a Grand Piano

The whole moving procedure of a grand piano is a lot more complicated than just moving an upright piano. Grand pianos need extra consideration and care, and are tricky when it comes to moving. Grand piano has this huge size which does not usually fit through any regular-sized door jam. However, experienced and professional piano moving service providers like piano movers Denver will safely remove the parts and get your piano on its side and out to the moving truck.